Is your brand safe?

More than 10 billion euro damage per year occurred in the European Union as a result of counterfeiting and piracy since 2010. Are you prepared to fight back?

As trademark infringement continues to be a serious problem, brand protection is becoming more and more essential. A huge part of the trademark infringement takes place online, as it is becoming easier and easier to share content and to sell products over the internet.

Sherlock - Fake Brand Investigation by offers an easy, fast and cost-effective solution for protecting your brand.

Main features:

Find websites that may be infringing your trademark

Sherlock scans the internet for potential threats to your brand and displays the results. You can choose to include or ignore the result in the report as well as to add a short comment to it.

Protect yourself against cybersquatting and misdirected website traffic

With Sherlock, you can check every domain that contains your trademark (even if it is not in use) and who registered that domain. With the Professional and Premium packages, you can also protect yourself from typosquatting by monitoring similar domain names and variants of your trademark.

Watch your trademark and be the first to strike

All versions of Sherlock include trademark watching service as a bonus, which helps you to monitor trademark applications and allows you to take action as soon as possible by using’s opposition wizard.